Dr. Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and daily practioner, Channeling, Energy Worker, Intuitive Channeled Tarot Reader and Psychic Readings, Lecturer, Color and Stone Therapy, Focusing and Meditation, Chakra Balancing.

Profile and Credentials

These gifts have been with me since I was a child; I spent twenty-eight years in So. California. While there I learned and began teaching metaphysics in 1975, along with crystal and stone work.

Upon arriving in So. Florida in 1996 I learned and became a practitioner of Reiki, receiving my Master Degree in 1997 from Lynn Chung. In 1998 received a 2nd Master Degree from Jessica Wagner and a 3rd Master Degree in 1999 from Ken Jepsen.

In 1998 began a Reiki Circle at Earth’s Aura on Saturday afternoon and remained there for the next two and half years. While at Earth’s Aura I did Tarot Readings at their psychic fairs and taught focusing and meditation classes.

Also in 1998 lectured at: Near Death Experience (NDE) in Tamarac

Reiki Teaching

Dr. Usui Reiki Master - I have 3 Certificates. Reiki is associated with Universal Life Energy and Unconditional Love. I teach no touch to very light touch, I have been teaching Dr. Usui Reiki since 1998.