Dr. Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and daily practioner, Channeling, Energy Worker, Intuitive Channeled Tarot Reader and Psychic Readings, Lecturer, Color and Stone Therapy, Focusing and Meditation, Chakra Balancing.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

All services are available 954-235-5910


Reiki Teaching

Dr. Usui Reiki Master - I have 3 Certificates. Reiki is associated with Universal Life Energy and Unconditional Love. I teach no touch to very light touch, I have been teaching Dr. Usui Reiki since 1998.

Color Therapy

Classes, private sessions and lectures available by appointment, works in conjunctions with Crystal, Stone and Color Therapy. Mini readings also available to go along with color charts.


Focusing and Meditation classes available along with guided journeys. Great for stress management and release of negative energies. Or if you just want to learn how to Unclutter Your Mind. Get it to keep quiet when you want to relax. Classes and private sessions available.


I am a channeled intuitive tarot reader, have been using Tarot Cards since 1991, channeling since I was a child. Started teaching Tarot in 1999. Whether you are a beginner or advanced/intermediate. Classes as well as private sessions available. Courses usually run four weeks on both beginner or advanced. Ceriticates will be issued upon completetion of four weeks. For either private readings, parties, or classes please contact me either by phone or email.